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Digital: A Love Story

Digital: A Love Story is one of the few games in which the player assumes the very position they’re currently sitting in, using a computer interface to explore a game’s possibilities. Uplink is the obvious game to provide as an example of the potential, and while there is even less actual gameplay in Digital the way in which it tells its audience the story is quite effective. It’s a short... Read more

Hardware: 3DS

When the original Nintendo DS launched, mainstream handheld gaming experienced a small revolution. The launch lineup was abysmal, yet possibly even better than the lineup the 3DS established. But the fun to be had with a touch screen was clear; the handheld’s power had developers pumping out beautiful 2D games and a fantastic 3D Mario Kart entry, while not being all about graphics. It was a nearly perfect balance between cost and experience, a handheld... Read more

Java is Pretty Cool

Having deployed my first Processing application on my web comic, I now am pretty into Java development. This is not to say that I’m great with Java, however, I really do value cross-platform material and web games more than being able to deploy to the Xbox 360, and having stated that value, yes, I do think I made a bit of mistake on how I chose to approach my senior project. Like Read more

A surprising amount of progress?

Here are the things I’ve just done…

  • Added a new light, the velocity light, which either increases or decreases the velocity of anything under it
  • Added bullet animations and artwork and a flash animation for when they hit things
  • Added a flashing light to the enemy that flashes and rolls at you
  • Added an explosion animation for enemies when they get shot
  • Added working 3D sound to enemy sound effects

It’s funny because... Read more

Adding Some Sound Effects

I just finished using XACT to create an RPC curve that is used with a distance variable to provide “3D” sound as an enemy approaches the player. Of course the game is 2D, and all I’m really doing is tweaking volume based on distance, but it’s a nice effect and very easy to do once you understand how to use XACT. I also added a shooting sound effect, and next on the list is to... Read more