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Kivy & Tiled

Kivy is an attractive library for developing cross-platform projects for Windows/OS X/Android/iOS with Python. I have been experimenting with some 2D game structures for use with Kivy. One of the first things I always want to use in my projects is Tiled, which is a nice utility for creating tile-based maps. There is a library called PyTMX that loads the .tmx files created by Tiled, and it has a very straightforward interface... Read more

Intel Visual BIOS 2.0 - Mainstream Edition

Intel Visual BIOS 2.0, similar to 1.0, has a few different visual incarnations based on the type of Intel Desktop Board purchased. For the Z85 series motherboards (as opposed to the Z87 performance boards utilizing the darker performance theme for Visual BIOS), users will see a bright blue theme that is much more aligned with standard Intel branding. Below are some screenshots of this edition of Visual BIOS, which we think turned out very nicely!

... Read more

Intel Visual BIOS 2.0

Instead of developing games on the side for the past couple of years, I’ve been deep in a lead UI development position on a product called Intel Visual BIOS, which is the BIOS setup interface one would see after hitting F2 while the 7 or 8-series Intel-brand desktop motherboards are booting. Since Visual BIOS 1.0 released last year, the small development team has been hard at work on Visual BIOS 2.0, and we’ve added a... Read more

Excuses, Excuses

Where to begin?

According to Wordpress, 323 days ago I posted a development video of what I was calling Ne+. That whole idea/game perished shortly after. There were many reasons why I never saw it through to completion, but at the end of the day I gave up and it was my fault.

One of the reasons was that I started working for Intel. Even now I can’t say what it is I’ve actually been... Read more

The Boondocks Seasons 1-3

The Boondocks has been generating controversy through comic strips and television for years, becoming one of the more notable animated series to do so. Aaron McGruder’s tight cast has been through three seasons now, and although some big changes have occurred since the first season the show’s central themes have stayed consistent, except for perhaps raw ambition, which has seen quite an increase.

Huey Freeman sits with his arms crossed.

Throughout... Read more