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Game Idea: OpenWright

UPDATE: I have since become aware of not one, but three different projects extremely similar to this one. They are:

In a way this is disappointing news (and great that these tools already exist), but in another way I almost want to create my own anyways with Java, which I think would be better in its own way than the existing projects, assuming of course that it goes as well. I’ll have to think about what to do from here, and if another idea might be more deserving of my time given the circumstances.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is an amazing game. Part of the magic stems from its simplicity, and text-based nature. Knowing that one of my favorite games is so simple immediately makes me want to participate in it in some way. I started to think about how the game operates, how it could be made, and realized that it is a shining example of a game that could be created by someone who knows nothing about programming or game development, if only they had the right tools. The OpenWright project is a game creator and editor for rapidly speeding along the development of games similar to Phoenix Wright series entries. The functionality of Phoenix Wright games in particular will be created first and foremost, so that fan entries in the series are easy. At the point in development in which this is possible, it should also be technically possible to utilize different artwork and writing to create any game that functions the least bit like a Phoenix Wright game, defining content in the editor or in external files and importing. By simply making the correct aspects customizable, I think that the project would be both not too time consuming, and incredibly valuable.

Here I will document some of the initial ideas I have on the project.

The current technologies I have in mind for development of the project are:

I initially wasn’t ecstatic over the possibility of ever using Java ever for anything, but I think that might be a case of me listening to peers and reading articles online and coming to an unfair position; I won’t know how I feel about it until I use it, and honestly I’m sure it’s fine. To reach absolutely everyone, it seems like a very good choice.