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Who's Ready for Round 2?

Well, I am. I spent a tragically short winter break completing the last of my work for an internship, which when considering some much needed personal time as well left me with little progress on my project throughout the break; however, given that I will have a very large amount of time to dedicate to it due to my lack of a job through this next term, I should be able to do about twice as much in the next three months as I did in the previous three. My determination has been somewhat strengthened as well, and as stated I have implemented what looks to me like a great infrastructure to work with. My last bit of big progress was abandoning XNA’s component system and using my own, which I did to have absolute control over what was happening, and also to allow me to step through my code and see what needs to happen where. A game is a beautiful system; many say that object-oriented programming doesn’t always lend itself to games, and from my very limited experience, I think I can at least see why someone would say such a thing. I’ve done my best so far in creating a manageable system, but still there remain some components that I think break some rules and work well enough now, but might not later. I see this, but I also have learned from the first third of this project that one cannot spend time re-coding systems in the most ideal way, for there is always a more ideal way. I will make things re-usable as possible only for myself in this current project; I didn’t create the engine class library to use over and over (although as always it would be nice if that were possible), but to keep my code organized and manageable.

Moving forward, I have some so-called “New Year’s Resolutions”:

I think that, if I take care of these issues immediately, things will be looking pretty good. As broad strokes I want to make throughout this term, I have laid out a few major goals:

There are other things I want to get done too, but these are the important things. I am really going to go nuts this term, no more procrastinating or other work getting in the way. I am also taking image and video editing classes that will take some time, but I will do everything I can to be defining Ne+ content with the work assigned in those classes. This is the most important time for the project as I see it, and now that I have the resources to dedicate to it I am determined to make a great amount of progress.