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I’ve been fascinated by interactive fiction ever since I found out about it. Today, I’m happy to announce my first contribution to the community: Storygram!

Storygram is a central place to create and read interactive fiction, or branching stories. It saves your stories, your progress when reading stories, and enables you to experience them a couple different ways:

There are a few different plans I have for the site - I would like to greatly expand the supported chat platforms (Slack support is in progress), and I would like to implement features around users that display the stories you’ve read, gather experience, and eventually support a full RPG system wherein you play through stories with a character. Today, you have a character, but I have not yet exposed the character in any way. With community feedback, the plan is to settle on a system for character development or functionality and let storygrams utilize those features.

One big feature I have yet to implement is the support for tracking variables in storygrams similar to other interactive fiction, so for now, the site consists of only branching text and the reader and Telegram bot. But even these things allow collaborative reading in a way that I find very interesting, and I hope the community finds it just as interesting!