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Ne+ Has A Menu

I just finished integrating the screen management example I mentioned, and now my game not only has a menu that needs to be customized, but even a loading screen. However, in the process I also made some big mistakes when refactoring and before I had committed code, so I had to go back and edit a bunch of classes instead of using Git to save me. Fortunately I don’t often make such gargantuan mistakes, but it didn’t take too long to fix.

I also introduced my first issue, which is that the loading screen’s background turns purple before the game fades in. It’s pretty crazy! I’m not going to waste too much time on it, but it is kind of a serious presentation problem that I need to fix eventually. My game loads so fast that a loading screen probably isn’t necessary, and also, I disagree with plain loading screens in general, although at this point I don’t know enough to do any better. We’ll see about this later, but for my one issue it’s not too bad and I think as projects like these move forward having an issue or two in the background while you move forward is nearly unavoidable.

Next I’ll try to work on fading into that introduction that this stuff was infrastructure for and see how it goes.