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Ne+ Enemies

I’m currently working on creating the first enemy for Ne+, and with it I will be bringing my first actual animation into the project. I am creating the sprite sheet, and then will proceed to play the animation in XNA and then create an EnemyComponent which will try and attack the player. This means I will also need to have the player fire projectiles or something similar to fight enemies, and I hope to have both of these things done by Tuesday for my sprint presentation. I have a good idea of how it’s all going to work; I’ll have a collision category in Farseer that represents bullets, and then if the player bullets hit enemies the enemies will implement some action or death animation. I have a good idea of a death animation to use for my first enemy as well; Paint.NET has a bunch of cool effects that have values to manipulate, and often manipulating them in sequence offers some string of images that look like good animations to me, especially for projects on time constraints. I also have particle effects to play with, which I might use for when bullets hit platforms or something. The bullets could also emit a particle effect en route; I’m still thinking about it, however, all of this is polish-type stuff as opposed to actual new features like the basic things I want done by Tuesday.