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I finally closed the lighting issue. It had to do with culling, which I still don’t fully understand, but one of the Krypton developers gave me the proper code to place before preparing the Krypton lighting and I finally was able to see a light through my camera class. I am so, so excited that this is taken care of. It marks a really big point of progress in the project, and I should really be able to amp up development now that I’m not running into such a horrible wall.

Seriously, I can’t state enough how happy I am. The Krypton guys are absolutely amazing for looking at my project and helping me figure this out. I couldn’t have done it by myself. This is why I love open-source projects; we can all collaborate. I only hope that I’ll be able to help someone out as much as I’ve been helped today in the future.

I’m left with a tiny bit of a mess because of all the commented code I created when trying different things, but that’s perfectly fine. I think I might make a sweep through my entire codebase for an hour or so to clean everything up, and then I’ll be able to finish the light and shadow hull components and Lighting class, and then move on with developing some more cool lights (now that I FINALLY have real lighting!!!!!!!) and create the introductory sequence to the game!

Thanks to xixonia on the Krypton project for the help. I am truly indebted.