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Lazy Week

I was rather unproductive this week, thinking about what I was going to do and not getting around to it. I also had a lot of paperwork to take care of due to a new job that I will be starting in the Spring, so that left me not wanting to do much else. But! Now this the time for action, because I definitely don’t want to be left with a bunch of work to do when I have to start a full-time job! So, here is my basic rundown of stuff that I want to have accomplished by the end of this sprint:

So that’s a good list to work with I think. Really need to have something for people to play. And in the meantime I will try to get this thing running on foreign machines; I want to be present for the process so that I know exactly what end users have to go through.

NOTE: For better or worse, the following is a bit of a live development journal of working with the flying enemy that dives at you.

I just was working on the flying enemy that is supposed to dive at you, and implementing the attack method the first try he flew up instead of down at you, and the second try he just got onto me really fast and shoved me against a wall. Pretty brutal, pretty awesome actually, but I think it was most awesome because it was so surprising to me. Man, just tried it again and if you jump, the thing pins you to a wall and you slowly slide down it together while it’s pushing you against it. So awesome! However, now it’s very clear that I need a way to know when the player has been successfully attacked. Sounds like more collision subscription to me! Of course that would be the case.