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Intel Visual BIOS 2.0 - Mainstream Edition

Intel Visual BIOS 2.0, similar to 1.0, has a few different visual incarnations based on the type of Intel Desktop Board purchased. For the Z85 series motherboards (as opposed to the Z87 performance boards utilizing the darker performance theme for Visual BIOS), users will see a bright blue theme that is much more aligned with standard Intel branding. Below are some screenshots of this edition of Visual BIOS, which we think turned out very nicely!

In addition, the ability to change theme has been added to Visual BIOS so that users may choose which theme they find most appealing. An unfortunate caveat to this ability is that the background image must be set apart from the theme change, because it is simply a .BMP file that is loaded when Visual BIOS starts. I will make these images available in case anyone wants to change themes from one to the next.

And now for the screenshots:

01 - HomePage1

02 - HomePage2

04 - Cooling Assistant

10 - Search Right-Click

11 - Favies

12 - Main Page

14 - Cooling Page

19 - Shortcut Keys

20 - File Explorer

15 - Performance Page