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How To Download Your Medical Records Into the iOS 10 Health App

iOS 10 is out, so if you are starting to dive deeper into the OS and care about your medical records, here’s some stuff to experiment with if you have a healthcare provider and a corresponding MyChart account. Alternatively, if your healthcare provider setup gives you a health record XML file using the CDA R2 spec, that’s what we’re really after.

All the following process really does is save a copy of your medical info in a document in the Health app, as far as I know. I just got this to work for the first time so I haven’t explored much yet, but here’s what we’re shooting for:

Health Records list within Health app on iOS 10.

Health Record Recorded Data viewed within Health app on iOS 10.

Health Record details viewed within Health app on iOS 10.

Health Record viewed within Health app on iOS 10.

Unfortunately, MyChart is confusing in regards to consistency across healthcare providers, so YMMV. If you use MyChart, you may have the ability to export your data which my portal has under a tab called “My Medical Record” as a link “Download My Record”.

Inside the zip that I got was this file:


To import an XML file successfully it must be formatted correctly, which can be checked here:

I just used the CDA R2 option with the description:

HL7 CDA R2 (with no extensions)

However, I did hit an error - my wife was with me at the doctor’s office and her node in the XML did not have a typeCode, so I had to update it to

<participant typeCode="WIT">

before Health would accept the file. Who knows what kind of errors might crop up - the spec is not a fun read.

Once you’ve got the file accessible via iOS, use the Share menu and look for the Add to Health icon, and hopefully you won’t see any errors when you do this. Then you should be able to read your health record document within Health, but again it’s pretty basic right now.

The major benefit of all this in my opinion is the liberation of our medical data, which is now stored on our phone where we can fully own it and begin to use it in conjunction with other health apps and ecosystems. And of course it’s backed up to iCloud if you are into that sort of thing.