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Fixed the absolutely horrible purple screen issue!

It turns out that way back in my main Game class that I hardly ever touch I wasn’t clearing the graphics device in its Draw function. So there were some moments in the loading screen when the game is being loaded or destroyed in which nothing was drawing, giving me the horrible purple screen that is now dead and buried. I wanted to ignore it, but I just couldn’t; I had to fix it. I used Beyond Compare 3 to look at all the changes that I had made from the Game State Management sample and noticed that it was clearing the graphics device while I wasn’t. Seriously, Beyond Compare 3 is one of my favorite applications. Just earlier I used it to sync an MP3 folder to my phone, I use it to mirror my folder of important stuff to another hard drive for keeping a backup, and it is absolutely fantastic for comparing code. I’m sure there are more uses I haven’t discovered yet.