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Fine, fine... I'll learn Photoshop

I set out wanting to upload my animation to display on this very post, and tried some online .gif creators that really wreaked havoc with my source images. So I opened up Photoshop to finally use it to do something I couldn’t do easily anywhere else I tried, and figured out how to create animations. Pretty easy, and also pretty cool. I may have to start using it for the web comic also; I really need to learn what it can do that I can’t do currently, and see if it’s of any use. I’m sure that it would improve my workflow, but the program is just really intimidating for me at the moment. I could start only using Photoshop, which might be healthier for me in the long run; for now, I’ll think about it. But I’ll definitely be using it to help me animate from now on, as it’s got the functionality built in; I do have an awesome Paint.NET plugin for animation, but Photoshop made the process way, way more convenient.

So all that nonsense said, here’s what the first draft of the player looks like. And yeah, I’m aware there are no arms; I am currently trying to decide whether I want the arms locked into the spritesheet with everything else or if I want to control their position with code. To keep things simple I’ll probably just draw them in soon.