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I want to make a game for many reasons - school, myself, everyone else… if I had to assign an ultimate purpose to it I’d say it’s for everyone to enjoy. It’s going to be open. If it’s good, people might pay for it. If it’s not, maybe I will. Regardless, it’s clear to me that I need to learn as much as I can throughout the rest of the project to avoid wasting time.

In a few weeks I’ll be moving to a quiet town in Eastern Oregon where I can focus on this project for a year. The main things that I want to accomplish in my first independent game are…

That’s a nice, tough list of bullets to fulfill for an initial project. That’s why I intend to start small, developing numerous prototypes proving different pieces of my concept until I can build on and integrate them into the final product.

Where to start? The piece of this project that I’ve assigned the most risk to is the artificial intelligence. My initial plan is to create a prototype in which I can view my AI constructs interacting with objects and environments based on a set of needs. I also would like the player of the prototype to be able to interact with the AI entities. Ideally, this prototype could be a small standalone experiment of its own, rather than participating in the project purely as a stepping stone.

During development, I will be explaining the more interesting aspects of what I am currently working on. In the near future I will be covering my initial contact with XNA and simple genetic algorithms. I will be posting screenshots of my work and code examples as warranted for discussion.