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Coding with dessert...

More research

A few things have been reconsidered based on some additional research. I have found out about Conkerjo in more detail, who is involved with a few projects that I am considering incorporating heavily into my project. The first big technology is IceCream, a 2D game engine for the XNA platform. This is a big deal - I originally tried Torque’s game engine and although it was a pleasure to use, I wanted something a little more “open.” This open-source engine is exactly what I was looking for, and although it’s not “feature-complete” yet the code is available which will be invaluable as I start to learn more about it. It has a visual designer called Milkshake, which comes along with the package and looks very promising.

After settling on IceCream as the game engine I will most likely use (there must be a bit of testing before I commit), I looked at some of Conkerjo’s other work and found an A.I. library called BRAINS. I haven’t looked into the specifics of this library, but I think that, if I can’t use it directly, it will be very helpful in working toward my own A.I. solution.

A new direction

The next thing I must express is that the idea I have for my project has drastically changed. I started thinking a little more realistically than I have thus far and come to the conclusion that I can’t accomplish everything I want to on my first attempt at a game. I simultaneously spontaneously developed an entire set of ideas for a game that is simpler in construct, but still accomplishes many of the things I want to with this project in general - cinematic presentation, dynamic audio, stimulating gameplay, and most of all, should be entirely possible to complete (with polish) having the better part of a year to work on it. I still need to create a design document and maintain my Engineering Notebook, but the direction of the project has changed and my previous idea will be saved for a time in which I have more experience.