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Bullets are Flying

Rather big progress today, actually. I created another enemy that rolls at you, and I also created a bullet class and physics component, and added collision category support so that everything which collides with other things has well-defined properties. I also added “crouching” to the player, so that you can fire at two different heights. The bullets work flawlessly with the gravity light, which makes them angle upwards. This could be used to shoot the enemy that flies above you. I want to add artwork to the rolling enemy so that I can call it done, and I need to add the concept of health to the player. The enemies have health, but the player isn’t affected by them yet. Next steps are to limit the amount of bullets and make each key press fire only one bullet, and also to add artwork to the bullets and perhaps a little explosion animation when the bullet is destroyed. And then I want to create more lights, finally, now that everything is working pretty well. I will make a firm decision on which lights to move forward with shortly.