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Art Time

Today I’ve been focusing on creating the tileset that Ne+ will use for its artwork. I am running into little walls here and there while learning exactly how to create reusable tiles that will enable me to build my level, even with something as simple as glowing platforms, but nothing too time consuming, and I’m also learning Paint.NET as I go. It seems to be working really well so far, and I think that, while the stuff I’m creating right now is pretty simple, it’s going to look okay for what it’s supposed to be. I’m not really looking forward to creating the artwork for the player, but I have been generating some ideas on alternatives for the player object, and having it be almost fully represented as a physics object so that there is less animation and more sprites whose positions are simply determined by Farseer; this would cut down on complexity, and also force me to create a more original main character. I have some ideas floating around, but we’ll see what I decide on after playing with them.