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Adding Some Sound Effects

I just finished using XACT to create an RPC curve that is used with a distance variable to provide “3D” sound as an enemy approaches the player. Of course the game is 2D, and all I’m really doing is tweaking volume based on distance, but it’s a nice effect and very easy to do once you understand how to use XACT. I also added a shooting sound effect, and next on the list is to add animations for enemies being destroyed and bullets hitting things. I also want to integrate a couple of cool sprite sheets I found into the current test level to see how they look, and hopefully have a more visually appealing demo. Last time I played with creating level artwork I had a terrible visual issue in which tiles had line artifacts in-between each other; I might run into that again, and will have to spend some time figuring it out if that’s the case. I know it has to do with how scaling affects the sprite drawing, but I’m not yet sure what the remedy is.