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I’ve been fascinated by interactive fiction ever since I found out about it. Today, I’m happy to announce my first contribution to the community: Storygram!

Storygram is a central place to create and read interactive fiction, or branching stories. It saves your stories, your progress when reading stories, and enables you to experience them a couple different ways:

Trace Forever

I’m happy to announce the launch of my second iOS game, Trace Forever! This is a sequel to Circles Forever that also explores 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s. My high score is a measly ~40 seconds, so I hope that we see some decent activity on the Game Center leaderboards! I think this game is a bit more satisfying to play than Circles, with a... Read more

Circles Forever

I’m happy to announce the launch of my first iOS game, Circles Forever. I set out to create a game based on the new iPhone 6 functionality, 3D Touch. What I ended up with was an awesome little arcade-like game where you catch circles falling from the top of the screen before they hit the bottom by matching them with the pressure you exert upon your phone screen.

Apple’s 3D Touch sensor... Read more

Kivy & Tiled

Kivy is an attractive library for developing cross-platform projects for Windows/OS X/Android/iOS with Python. I have been experimenting with some 2D game structures for use with Kivy. One of the first things I always want to use in my projects is Tiled, which is a nice utility for creating tile-based maps. There is a library called PyTMX that loads the .tmx files created by Tiled, and it has a very straightforward interface... Read more